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This site definitely needs a complete overhaul to better represent our emphasis on a very interesting TradeStation?/font> trading technique of ours, previously briefly described here.  The toolset (v2) has been rewritten and expanded dramatically in the last 2 years, and is also a great tool for developers as a API is now also available.

Pending the much awaited site reformatting, it is recommended for those of you interested in this new "unconventional" discretionary trading technique to visit the following blogs:  (public)
(US market daily and weekly snapshots) (private)
(Daily snapshots & market commentaries) (public)
(technical details and user support, Google Group also available)

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Many market traders spend endless time and effort trying to get "the" edge with fancy tools and techniques exhibiting some predictive value. We've been around since 1993 and have also wandered and erred a bit along the way with the on-going conundrum, the illusion of easy money, or the faith in an hypothetical Holy Grail, greed, you name it...  Fortunately we quickly came back to our senses, and focused on developing tools mostly for ourselves.

Having explored artificial intelligence quite a bit over many years, we decided to make a first tool available to traders (the GPF), so this site was launched in 1999.  Blending the "Foresight" or "Forecast" and "Trading" words seemed to express what we had in mind.  To some, this will appear ambitious, overconfident, pretentious maybe... On the contrary, we know how difficult trading can be, and we only release tools we use ourselves, and while those tools can be generic and derived in many ways, we slowly built our own trading environment around the well known TradeStation platform. Nothing exceptional maybe, but enough to have a consistent reading of the market, and enough to capitalise on such knowledge.  Release has been planned then postponed (a lot of stuff in the pipeline like sFLC3 now available), so please check this site regularly for updates. 

Why such hesitation? Well, a few market snapshots are now being posted daily and weekly, and a few trial users are being coached personally to learn our trading method until each makes it his or her own.  It can be a fairly long learning process, and it may actually be the route of choice to release our market reading technique, at least for now. Many non-TS users also decide to instead subscribe to personalised daily market reports (indices and forex). So, not sure how to properly approach demand, keeping in mind most of our stuff core is meant to remain generic to be used outside the trading arena itself i.e. any time series.

What does the TS toolset actually consist of? We have admittedly wandered quite a bit in the last 15 years, going through a few changes in directions, from developing on several platforms, trading, working for a fund, so it is a summary of years of coding and trading experience concentrated around the TradeStation platform (custom C++ DLL).  None of the tools are standard, yet the toolset is itself fully standardised i.e. the same workspaces and charts are used for about any symbol and time frame with only 1 indicator eventually requiring an adjustment of 1 or 2 settings once in a while.  A standard environment is by far the best way to learn the method or trading technique as the eye quickly picks up the trading opportunities.

For more information, please read this page and consult the abovementioned blogs. Yes, I know... a 10-year old kid would design a better looking web site...






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Other underlying goals, objectives,
Expectations and realities


Besides the TradeStation toolset and technique, Foretrade remains focused around its original concept:
ForeTrade Technologies
endeavour to provide financial market traders with custom trading solutions and tools using advanced non linear techniques such as artificial intelligence (neural nets, fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms) and wavelets.  It is not our intention however to offer turnkey solutions at this stage while the decision making process will be facilitated as we plug in more and more tools (TradeStation Trading Technique Phase 2 under way now).  It would be a fallacy to pretend we can design ready-made trading solutions that can suit everyone's expectations.  A number if not most technology providers do not quite share that concern... so sorry to disappoint you (better now than later though) but we shall not indulge into marketing nonsense and promise you a black-box cash machine.  There will be work on your side too...

Secondly, while trading was initially the primary motivation, a number of technologies exposed on this site have numerous other applications, and our tools have since 1999 often been used for tutorial purposes as well as in interesting research projects. Latest developments (including this TradeStation Trading Toolset) are more and more generic to analyse other types of times series event driven behaviours, and to possibly run on Linux platforms as well as Windows.

We hope you'll enjoy the visit, do not hesitate to drop a mail at any time for more details.




Current Products and Solutions


Custom work made to specific requests or under confidentiality clauses may not be presented here.  We can however here present a few tools (most are FREE or cost a penny) which we hope you'll find interesting, all are either developed for TradeStation, or Excel-VB/VBA or are standalone applications.

TradeStation Toolset (see blogs mentioned above for a lot more details)
Fuzzy Logic Controller (sFLC3 library and TradeStation wrapper now available),
NXL2 (C / C++ neural net library, NXL3 beta to be released soon)

VB Backprop (simple neural net in Visual Basic for Applications),
Genetic Pattern Finder, (shareware - not maintained)
Wavelet, (shareware - not maintained)
WinSOM (discontinued)
as well as IB_Direct to send orders to Interactive Brokers (discontinued).

Click here on our Products page for more details.

Lastly, even though artificial intelligence has now found its niche in the trading world, the learning curve can be pretty steep for some, and many many misconceptions have built up over the years.  Please contact us for training or consulting services (French/English) either on site or through conference calls.




Contact Information


General Information and Sales:
Support (English, French & C++ spoken fluently):
Location (by end 2009)  Lipadi

Direct contact via IM and Skype is offered to registered customers

Note: Good VC++ developers interested in co-developing this new exciting TradeStation trading platform (V2) can contact me by mail of skype (permanently offline, message only)

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