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First a little note...

There have been a few comments that the GPF looks simple at first sight, yet has a steep learning curve, that it could be more user-friendly, that there is no contextual help, etc... and we have to concede that this is fair criticism. We do try however to compensate with more personal attention, for example in always responding to email questions often within a few hours.  In our experience, genuine users contact us, discuss features, help us improve the GPF... and also buy it! :)  We have also seen the GPF part of pirated CDs coming from Russia, so we in a way resist making the GPF a self-sufficient off-the-shelf piece of software, even if our sales are maybe impacted by such decision.

The GPF is also maybe not meant for all.  It is an advanced tool for traders who already use patterns in their stock tracking.  Also, we cannot entice you to use patterns if you are already most happy with your favorite stochastic indicator. All we know is that none of the conventional T.A. software provide any equivalent tool to assist you in detecting this kind of patterns.

We agree that a context sensitive help facility could be of assistance.  However, the GPF is an advanced focused toolbox, and not a ready-made trading solution.  All guidelines have been laid out, tips have been included on all controls and buttons, extensive help is available on this site, and of course, you are most welcome to contact us at any time for any question you may have.  Having said that, the GPF is now shareware, and free support will unfortunately be no longer available.

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GPF Release Notes

GPF Release Notes can be reached here

NeuroShell Trader

There have been a number of questions regarding the G.P.F. and NeuroShell Trader, particularly one : Can NeuroShell Trader Professional detect patterns the same way as the G.P.F. ? While the NeuroShell Trader Professional is particularly powerful, the answer is still no.  Please read details in the Q&A section and on our NS Trader page


A F.A.Q. page is available on this site. 

It has been compiled from very interesting comments sent by users.  Reading it is most recommended.



Note to software hackers: our focus is to build smart trading solutions, and we do not have much time left available for extensive security.  Yet, your feedback will be most appreciated.  

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