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new.gif (11099 bytes) October 1st 2008: All TS-TT indicators have now been recoded inside the DLL leaving the EasyLanguage code for chart display only. All calculations are stored in the DLL memory so we should be able to release a DB version soon. We are testing both a ADO and an ODBC version to interface an SQL database. It is likely we will opt for ODBC for performance. More news soon...

Note: a few more pages have been added in the TradeStation section.

new.gif (11099 bytes) June 16th 2008: We're experimenting Recurrence Plots for TradeStation. This new technique looks very promising. More reading available on

Test release on our TS_FLC is extended, yet no bugs have been found.  We're not pushing it right now since it is going to be part of our Fuzzy State Machine Builder ("The Squid") later this year.  However any trader wishing to "fuzzify" their trading rules can already use our TS_FLC library as it is.  More details in our Fuzzy section.

new.gif (11099 bytes) May 1st 2008: many new pages on sFLC3 as well as the test release of our TradeStation implementation of sFLC3

new.gif (11099 bytes) March 1st 2008: site update on sFLC3.  New DLL, new samples, and expanded documentation

TradeStation version also available.

February 28th 2008:  Release of TradeStation toolset is postponed to leave more time to beta testing, training and writing doc.  There is however no bug fixing, nor new features (Phase1) to come in the near term.

Delay also comes from forthcoming release of the sFLC3 API and TradeStation wrapper.  The TradeStation indicator set will be an important component of the TradeStation toolset Phase 2, still scheduled for end 2008.

January 15th 2008:     New console app sample available for sFLC3.  sFLC3 is now RC.

December 2007:    IB Direct recompiled for API 9.3.  IB_Direct will no longer be maintained, and the source code is available at no charge.

November 2007:    WD Gann's Square of Nine Excel spreadsheet available (100KB).

November 2007:  Announcing forthcoming release of a Fuzzy Logic API to build complex fuzzy logic controllers which can be linked into a Fuzzy State Machine.  We aim at starting beta testing early January 2008.

November 2007:  TradeStation indicators can viewed through 2 private blogs: (technical details and support to users) (daily snapshots)

Trial version of the indicator toolset (Phase 1) is now available.

After the test period, indicators will be available upon purchase of a quarterly license: Contact us for details.

June 2007:  GPF source code now available to registered GeneHunter customers:  US$200 + PayPal fee

May 2007: NeuroShell indicators are temporarily removed from the site.  They will be made available again after the first batch of TradeStation indicators is released.  The NeuroShell stuff was getting too old, and needs complete overhaul.
Sorry for the inconvenience it may cause.

January 2007: Most of our tools will now be available at no charge, as we have to focus on custom work which may or may not be published here.  FYI, it is 100% based on TradeStation, with complex maths in the background (C++).

Support for NSDT is formally discontinued, but custom work will still be available.

June 2006: Quarterly license renewal: please contact us.

VB Backprop is now released in full mode (reduced demo mode has been removed), and its lighter shareware version is no longer code protected.  This gives the VB/VBA programmer an easier access to backprop neural net implementations.  All this, almost free of charge: see the Neural Nets page for details.

NXL2 has been recompiled with a DEF file in order to simplify VB/VBA function declarations.  The use of aliases will be removed.  There is no other change in the code, hence your neural models will remain identical.

NXL3 beta is released for testing purposes.

June 2006: Update for IB_Direct.  The Beta version has been extended until end of the year, and new API calls have been coded for compatibility with latest beta v8.8 (May 2006).  A minor bug has also been fixed in multi-TWS mode.

June 2006:  NXL2 C source code will be soon also available in VC++, and will be then integrated to our FL library.

June 2006: An update for the NXL2 library has been posted.  A few minor fixes and additional accessors make the library not only more versatile but also very stable.  In our experimentations, it also runs faster.  New API declarations are still compatible with the previous version.

The NXL library runs in a limited demo mode until unlocked by a personal code.  Please contact us if you need a time limited full version for testing purposes.

March 2006:  Quick fix release on the GPF (v1.605).  There seemed to be an issue when Excel converts time internally.  It has been tested on Excel 2K3.  Please let us know if you have trouble loading intraday data.  Thanks!

The common XOR example used to benchmark neural nets for many years, has been posted here and on the NXL2 page.

January 2006:  This site has not been updated for a while... apologies...  IB_Direct and NXL are still updated regularly and communicated to beta testers and customers, but we'll try our best to reflect it on this web site.

This year, besides IB_Direct which will probably require constant attention (thanks to the ever-changing API...) and NXL2 which seems to gather interest, our focus will be almost entirely on our collection of indicators for TradeStation 8.

The GPF will no longer be updated in its current form
It may be rewritten at some point on another C++ platform, and the current version be published as shareware. 
The license on the Genetic Library has so far prevented us from doing so.

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