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Forthcoming Releases:

Fuzzy Logic:

Neural Net:
Release of NXL3


TradeStation custom indicators

We are in the position to release our TradeStation Toolset V1  with API (VC++ DLL).  However, on account of the training an support required to climb the learning curve, we only take a few traders at a time. Please contact us for a trial version and to discuss possible scheduling (up to a couple of months).

Indicators are released as a toolset and will not be made available individually.  The API allows retrieving a lot of information either from within TS (EasyLanguage) or in a separate Visual C++ application.  The toolset V2 will provide extensive decision making features using advanced AI technique which cannot be implemented inside TradeStation.

To better understand the technique: please read our TradeStation document (older toolset version) or even better: visit our separate blogs (with RSS feeds)  and

The latter is kept public for the time being for users to get a good grasp of our market reading method.  We don't think it is fair to leave such valuable information available to all, so it will be soon restricted to registered users and customers.

Quarterly License US$500 / EURO 330 (includes unlimited email / skype support)

This price will be revised upward.

Private Consulting / Tutoring / Live situations
(specific to our TradeStation toolset)
$100 per hour
Trading assistance using our tools specifically
(live market reading commentary)
Contact us for monthly/quarterly/yearly subscriptions


Fuzzy Logic

Simple Fuzzy Logic Controller

This sFLC originally was an implementation of the Seattle Robotics tutorial (1998) on FL Controllers, now turned into a versatile tool and an API allowing access to its C++ classes in your own FL projects.  The source code can also be acquired on conditions.

The latest release sFLC3 released as a DLL with a few sample clients facilitates the development of more complex FL controllers interconnected into a FL system. Classes can be derived into complex fuzzy state machines (we plan to release a version late 2008 - early 2009)

Simple FLC v1.9 (shareware) FREE
Simple FLC v2.2 executable FREE
Simple FLC v2.2 (exe + VC++ classes) FREE EXECUTABLE. US$250 for the VC++ source code

Available (shareware for up to 3 FLC)
sFLC3 Library (more than  concurrent FLCs)
$250 for each 10 FLCs
(over and above the first 3 FLCs which are free)
sFLC3 unlimited library $600 (EURO 400)
sFLC3 source code (limited rights) $2000 (EURO 1300)
TradeStation FLC (wrapper DLL + EasyLanguage function) same price as for generic sFLC3 controllers above,
i.e. no additional charge.
  •     Support: user $50/hour, developer $120/hour

sFLC3 includes a detailed documentation, and becomes almost self-explanatory if the user follows the tutorial. Sample code is also available.



NXL2 is a Excel spreadsheet client which uses our custom neural net library (DLL), written in C for excellent performance.  It will run in demo mode until the library is enabled on your computer.  Site licenses available on request (10 licenses min.)

NXL2 + Library Demo mode (up to 15 nodes, no data file limitation) FREE
NXL2 + Library (limited only by your computer: virtually unlimited patterns, and network size)) US$ 90 (EURO 60)
NXL2 (C code) contact us
NXL3 (to be released soon) no additional charge (i.e. same price as NXL2)


IB_Direct (discontinued)

Simple Order Management for  SOURCE CODE AVAILABLE.

IB_Direct has been shelved for the time being.  The only maintenance needed is to fix changes in the IB API, which despite being an ActiveX control, has its interface changed now and then.  To be honest, the API is now quite stable and maintenance is minimal.

The source code is worth a lot of money, and it is only because of lack of resources that we now chose to offer it for free.

IB_Direct program FREE
IB_Direct VC++ source code FREE (value: over US$1000... many many hours of work...)
  •     Support: user $50/hour, developer $120/hour

On request (email, IM, Skype)

Genetic Pattern Finder

The GPF is certainly an older software, but it remains a very interesting pattern recognition tool.  Again, due to a redirection toward TradeStation, the GPF will no longer be maintained and is now shareware!!!!

GPF Pro source code (VBA for Excel) US$ 200  (NEW)
  •     Support: user $50/hour, developer $120/hour (Please always first refer to the existing FAQ on this web site.)

The GPF Pro includes the TradeStation interface.

Please note  that a valid GeneHunter licence is required to have access to the GPF source code.


We do not expect outstanding sales, as WinSOM might look a little too complex for many traders.  This is certainly not true, and we wish to give the more knowledgeable users a fair advantage here.  WinSOM is one of the easiest Kohonen SOM products available on a Windows platform.

WinSOM "Standard" FREE
WinSOM Source Code (Borland C++ Builder 5) FREE
  •     Support

Support on a "best effort" basis, i.e. time-permitting.

The download version is locked.  Please contact us for a valid EXE (at no charge).

VB BackProp

VB BackProp is a nice little neural net utility, but we also acknowledge there are good ones already on various web sites, some we have even mentioned on this site.  We really believe that we target VB Programmers and neural net users who wish to learn learn more about backprop MLPs.  We expose many possible tweaks in the training process, which will make you aware of  possible variations, and at the end of the day, more discerning if you intend buying a more comprehensive piece of software... and, to stay clear of the 'black box' route, you will maybe decide to build your own.

VB BackProp Shareware FREE
VB BackProp Shareware source code  US$50
VB BackProp FREE
VB BackProp source code From US$80  (conditions apply)
  •     Support

Executables: At such low prices, VB Backprop support is free but inevitably limited.  The shareware version is not officially supported, i.e. time permitting, we'll give it our best effort.

Source: VB BackProp S/W and full version: Optional email/IM support on request.


Wavelet utility for Excel (Redundant Haar 1999)

A-Trous Wavelet Utility FREE
A-Trous Wavelet source code US$40
  •     Support

The wavelet utility and its source code are not supported whatsoever.

GeneHunter wrapper DLL for TradeStation

GeneHunter (from Ward Systems) calls accessible from within EasyLanguage

Nota Bene: the fitness function is inherently problem specific so this wrapper may not be applicable to all problem solving or optimisation and WILL REQUIRE custom coding.

GH_for_TS US$50
GH_for_TS VC++ source code contact us
  •     No Support as such unless custom coding is requested

Modes of payment


We have not implemented secure credit card payments on our site yet, so we rely on the convenient service which allows easy payment over the Internet (recipient:  Once notified by PayPal, we send you your source code, or program within hours (Western/Central European Time "extended" working hours).  Alternatively, direct bank transfers can also be accepted (preferably for consulting work and service subscriptions).


Please note there is no refund policy on our products, as they are already quite inexpensive compared to most commercial trading or AI software. 
Time limited trial versions are always available.

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