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Software Solutions

Our preferred development platform is :  TradeStation 8.3, brokerage: Interactive Brokers, using Microsoft VC++.

Listed below are the following software currently available on this site:






Note: we believe in sharing information, and we will do our best to describe exactly what our products actually do to avoid misunderstandings and undue expectations.   Having said that, this site is not designed to be a tutorial site on A.I. either, and the technical level required to use our tools may be relatively high. 
We will however do our best to assist, but prior knowledge on A.I. techniques may be certainly needed.

Please also read the usual disclaimer:

  1. ForeTrade Technologies shall not be held liable for any losses incurred while using information derived from using any of its software solutions or consulting services.
  2. Past performance is never a guarantee of future results.
  3. Software bugs are facts of life (Markets are not perfect either, are they??)



It started a few years ago as a base for discussion among discretionary traders to having now become a fairly comprehensive TradeStation toolset, available to a selected few. 
Here is a short introduction to the TS trading technique, however, pending this site's (long overdue) revamping around this interesting innovative trading method, all updates and commentaries are now on posted on separate blogs:

Both contain a LOT of information on market reading with our toolset. It is recommended to visit the blogs regularly or subscribe to the newsfeed to absorb the trading method.


Note Our indicator toolset is available on a quarterly license basis (linked to the TradeStation Customer Id): price is only 500$/quarter, but please note that only very few licenses are made available each year.

Older page on this site: TS_Technique introduction page.


  Chart EURUSD

NXL2: Neural Net Library for MS Excel

NXL2 is a simple but powerful neural net library (DLL) which can easily be used within Microsoft Excel or Access for function mapping, or simple data mining operations.  VB/VBA programmers will find it particularly easy to use.  The algorithm is based on QuickProp (from Prof Fahlman), written in C, and further streamlined for optimal performance.

It must be noted that the registered version takes a virtually unlimited number of training patterns, and can use over 32000 nodes (neurons)... If your computer can handle such large neural networks of course.

Note: the C++ beta version is ready to be released.

More details on the NXL page


Simple Fuzzy Logic Controller (UPDATE)

This all started as a freeware FL controller executable program written in VC++ (.NET) based on the Seattle Robotics tutorial, now turned into a more "mature" comprehensive FL API. It is not meant to compete with most of other FL toolsets out there, but is particularly easy to use and make complex systems relatively easy as it uses very few settings.

Our latest release sFLC3 C++ library (DLL) is now also available. Click here to download demo DLL and client application (time limited).  The new DLL version allows building versatile scalable solutions up to Fuzzy State Machines (scheduled for end 2008).

--> The TradeStation wrapper (EasyLanguage + DLL) is now also available.

More details on our FL page.


IB_Direct (discontinued)

IB_Direct is a Simple Order Management program for IB (  It's main particularity is that orders can be sent simultaneously to up to 3 IB accounts.  One instance of IB_Direct can however only trade 1 instrument.  This makes it particularly useful to swing traders or scalpers.  To trade more than 1 instrument, one or more other instances of the program can however run concurrently (locally or remotely to the IB TWS).  The screen footprint has been reduced for that purpose.

For more details, please download the IB_Direct Quick Guide (PDF document ~500KB), or just try it with a IB paper trading account, or with the public IB demo account!

NOTE: This new beta release 4 includes access to source code.  We shall try our best to always keep it up-to-date with the latest IB API beta version as the COM interface seems to change from time to time.

NOVEMBER 2007: VC++ developer willing to take it over and maintain it: please contact me

More details on our IB_Direct page.

The Genetic Pattern Finder (stable, no longer maintained)

While erring through the meanders of mixing A.I. techniques with trading in the early to mid-90s, we have managed to "package" a nifty little pattern finder which has been around for nearly 10 years now.  From a concept, it became a tool, first a little rough around the edges.  It has been improved over time, and has been made available to the trading community in 1999.  It has been our flagship product for a while, but we have since moved to proprietary and custom work. The GPF is stable and works with all versions of Microsoft Excel.

Genetic Pattern Finder
(See our G.P.F. News Page for Release details)

The G.P.F. Pro includes:
The Omega Research EasyLanguage Function and Indicator Libraries for TS2000i
 as well as a NeuroShell Trader template and indicators.
(Provided on request, as is, and without user support)

S&P Index


More details on our GPF page.

NeuroShell Trader (suspended)

Due to lack of time, resources, our developments for NeuroShell Trader have been shelved for the time being.  We apologise as we understand there is still some demand for some of our stuff.  We however have more interesting, advanced and up-to-date developments for TradeStation now available, which we will eventually port to NSTrader.

Older Neuroshell area: NST inds .

GeneHunter wrapper DLL for TradeStation

Here is a DLL where a subset of GeneHunter API calls have been coded to allow access to the genetic algorithms library from within TradeStation EasyLanguage.

More details on our GH_TS page.

VB BackProp

We have released a low price neural net program for Excel.  Check our Neural Net page for details.  Not only it is one of the most versatile VB coded BackProp applications available, but you can make it your own by purchasing the Visual Basic source code. As a matter of fact, VB BackProp is an excellent way to start developing feed-forward MLPs if you are not a C/C++ programmer.

The Shareware version and the VB BackProp are available on our Download page.

Please note that we have not quite yet embarked onto a training course on neural net.  It is not a tutorial, simply because there are numerous good ones available on the Net, starting with the Neural Net newsgroup (see our links page for details).  However this VB BackProp program is a very versatile general purpose application not only for traders but for everyone interested in this exciting technology.  A FREE shareware version is also available.  VBBackProp is a simple programmers' tool. It is highly recommended to acquire the VB code and adapt it to your needs.

More details on our Neural Net page.


We do not claim to be experts in wavelets.  Many wavelet bases are just not suitable at all for financial series, but there are interesting works going around, like Prof. Murtagh's modified Haar.  Wavelets can be used to bring about underlying trends, and make pretty good filters.  You are most welcome to try our implementation of Prof. Murtagh's "A-Trous" wavelet (1999) available on the Download page. 

More details on our Wavelet page.

WinSOM (discontinued)

WinSOM is a pattern classifier using the well known Kohonen SOM (Self Organizing Maps) algorithm.  It is a "unsupervised" neural network, in the sense that outputs are not needed to group patterns into clusters.  There are many documents on the Internet on this topic, starting with a tutorial from Teuvo Kohonen himself:  The mathematics may look a little difficult to grasp at first, but you should not be deterred! It is quite simple to create, train and run a SOM neural net. Click here and see for yourself.

More details on the WinSOM page

Other various small utility programs...

  1. a simple Fibonacci level calculator,
  2. MM Lines for TradeStation, MM Lines Excel Spreadsheet
  3. Square of Nine Excel spreadsheet (WD GANN)
  4. a simple asset allocation using genetic algorithms
  5. Time Sync: simple VC++ source code to synchronize time in your apps using a specific thread

Other contributions to TradeStation users are posted on the forums under the name of dexter or dexter2.

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