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NeuroShell Trader is a registered trademark of Ward Systems Group.

Development for NeuroShell Trader is suspended (June 2007).

Indicator Description Status
GPF Simplified version of the GPF for the Trader.  OK
VAXMA Volatility Adapted Exponential Moving Average OK
RSIV and RSIVD Volume Adapted RSI (Volume or Volume Difference) OK
RSI Classic Simpler, faster RSI calculation, as per EasyLanguage OK
NonAvgSmoothing Principle close to Elher's smoothed price, but using XMA approach OK
CCI Classic Simpler, faster CCI, as per EasyLanguage OK
SwingIndex / AccumSwingIndex identical to EasyLanguage TradeStation equivalents. OK
SerialCorrel AutoCorrelation (this indicator should be replicable using the Trader indicator Wizard) OK
Highest / Lowest Highest /Lowest price since n bars ago OK
Highest / Lowest N Bars ago As above with lag OK
SerialHighsLows identical to EasyLanguage TradeStation equivalent. OK
SwingHigh / SwingLow identical to EasyLanguage TradeStation equivalents. OK
Keltner Channels Similar to Keltner Bands, but more responsive as it is based on VAXMA OK
Random Generates a random series indicator. Essential!!! OK
HLP Buying/Selling Pressure (proprietary) OK
Highest / Lowest (Mom & Multi) Simulates a higher time frame in highest/lowest calculations OK
StoK (Mom & Multi) Simulates a higher time frame in StoK calculations OK
RSI (Mom & Multi) Simulates a higher time frame in RSI calculations OK
Price Volume Gradient Simple but effective dP/dV gradient indicator. Requires Jurik's JMA. OK
KeepFlagUp Keep a flag up, waiting for a subsequent condition to occur (very useful!) OK
ForceFlagDown Resets above flag OK
MTF Multi-time frame (simulates a higher time frame using a time frame multiplier OK
Entropy Calculates the Shannon entropy in a time series OK



All our indicators are written in C for maximum performance.

Some indicators will just be existing indicators in the Trader, just re-written with hard-coded arguments to avoid unnecessary optimization.  Additionally, you must realize that the Trader will make a call to a DLL function for each indicator you are using in the Indicator Wizard.  A composite indicator built in a single DLL / Template, will run much faster, hence will save you time in your optimizations. 

Contact us also for your custom indicators developments. 

We also recommend Bowfort Technologies for NeuroShell programming.



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