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sFLC3 (or sFLC V3)

April 28th 2008

SimpleFLC 3.06 is the final version of our SimpleFLC software already briefly described on the main Fuzzy page.  From a theoretical point of view, there has been admittedly very little introduction for it since it basically originates from the same very good Seattle Robotics tutorial.  Again, whoever is new to fuzzy logic must at least study that tutorial to make any sense of information provided in this section.

The previous version sFLC2 was released end 2003, mostly to students and VC++ programmers learning rudiments of fuzzy logic, and was never pushed as a commercial product.  We have therefore rewritten the code from scratch again into a separate DLL to provide not only SPEED and SIMPLICITY, but now also VERSATILITY and SCALABILITY.  It must also be noted that the DLL uses standard C++ (no Microsoft extension) so can be easily be recompiled and used in various environments (not fully tested though).

As said in the introduction page, we now expand toward TradeStation (now available) as well as the building of more complex fuzzy systems and fuzzy state machines.

A sample sFLC client program (dialog VC++).

Again, the best way to approach sFLC3 is to read and study the Seattle Robotics tutorial and use the same sample FLC built with our sFLC3 client software.  In addition, this client program demonstrates the one major advantage over other Fuzzy API: building and running a Fuzzy Logic Controller here takes very few standard calls, and to prove it, the client source code is 100% open.  Simplicity has always been our major motivation, and now proves essential as the project now goes further towards building a Fuzzy State Machine and other complex FL systems made of similar FLC building blocks, all potentially optimised with Genetic Algorithms.

A quick-guide page with screenshots is here available. A more detailed sFLC V3 documentation is also available in MSWord DOC and HTML Format. We also have a walk-through definitely worth reading.

A sample sFLC console program (Win32 VC++)

The previous sample application may be a little verbose, but again it is a tutorial tool, and a most of the code is geared toward display and explanations.  A (even) simpler tool is the Sample1 console application, with a minimalistic console display, the point now being to show how easy it is to build and interconnect FL controllers.

Please also note that this sample console application is available (source code included) to be used with the demo version of either the FLC Debug DLL or FLC Release DLL (screenshot).


The DLL is available in shareware version with one limitation: It can only instantiate and run 2 concurrent FL controllers.  Developers aiming at building more complex systems can contact us for pricing.

The Debug version is available here.
The Release version is available here.

More curious? Those of you interested in learning more about the sFLC3 architecture should click here

A little lost...? Back to the main Fuzzy page.

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